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About Us

The humans behind the Blue Bottle Club and why we started this.

Meet the Team

team photos 2020 work9.png
Ben Regan


Originally from the UK, got interested in craft beers a few years back and co founded UnTapped to bring in beers I couldn't get here. Branching out to Blue Bottle Club to find out what other beer fans want.

Faves: All hoppy, fresh beers

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Cris Ohama


An avid outdoors/backcountry enthusiast that loves craft beer. Started as a passionate home-brewer that then co-founded UnTapped, which has lead to us bringing some amazing new beers across Canada.

 Faves: IPAs + Wood-aged beers

team photos 2020 work4.png
Shivani Mukerji

Program Manager

Craft beer fan educated in Vancouver, worked and tasted through Quebec, now digging in to the

Alberta beer scene. 
Faves: The sourest-sours, clean lagers, fat stouts. 

Sucker for a gorgeous can design.


Why: A Message from Ben Regan, Co - Founder

Thanks so much for signing up to our club. You are now a part of a collaborative effort to get access to some of the most sought after and previously hard-to-get beers.  

Let me explain why we started the Blue Bottle Club… 

For years, we have been importing great beers into and between multiple provinces in Canada but there have always been beers that we haven't been able to get access to due to limited availability and concerns over freshness.  

We have now managed to convince those breweries to send us some of those beers.  

The catch? We need a precommitment from craft beer fans for the whole shipment so that the beer goes straight to people who want them and never sits on a shelf. Without your membership, they won't ship us the beer. 

This is where you come in.  

  • Stage 1: Simply by being a member of The Blue Bottle Club, you are helping us to achieve a critical mass of subscribers that will allow us to assure hesitant breweries there is sufficient interest that their beer will be sent out right away 

  • Stage 2: As a member, you will receive emails notifying you of each upcoming release. At that point, you can express your interest by voting 'Yes, I want these beers' to help us reach the order  'tipping point.’ 

  • Stage 3: We will inform you once the votes reach the  'tipping point' and the shipment is confirmed 

  • Stage 4: Before the shipment arrives you will receive an email with instructions on how to pre-order.

  • Stage 5: As soon as the beer is available we will notify you so that you can either pick up from, or arrange delivery with, the liquor store 


So, in terms of collaboration what do we mean? Well, firstly, and most importantly, if you are interested and you want access to these beers please help us to get the number of members needed by passing the link on to friends who may be interested.  


We also ask that, if this is this program doesn't interest you, that's cool but please unsubscribe so that we can be sure that all subscribers are genuinely interested. 


Why can't we just take pre-orders and payments from you ahead of time? Our agent license only allows us to take orders from retail and hospitality licensees. Therefore, we will be relying on our trusted liquor store partners to take orders and payments for the beers once they arrive. Whether this is in store, by phone, online, pick up or delivery will be dependent on your local store.  


Is it just about the beer? In time, there will be many more great benefits to being a Blue Bottle Club member but for now it's all about finding more of us, true independent craft beer fans who just want reliable access to the sort of beers that could only be previously traded for. 


Thanks again for being a part of this collaborative effort. 


All the best,