Past releases

Dieu du Ciel Bourbon Peche Mortel

bottle shot ddc bourbon peche mortel.png
Status: Sold out
  • 4 x Bourbon barrel-aged Peche Mortel

Arrival in market:

May 2021


Extras for members besides the beer:

  • Virtual tasting of the release pack

  • Member's only contest, with Bellwoods swag packs awarded to the winners

  • Exclusive content for member's only direct from the brewery

Bellwoods Fresh, Hoppy Pack

Status: Sold out
  • 1 x Jutsu Pale Ale 473ml can

  • 1 x Roman Candle IPA 473ml can

  • 1 x Greenbelly TIPA 473ml can

  • 1 x An APA 473ml can

Arrival in market:

April 2021



"...Luckily we've got a new operation on the scene in who are starting out of the gate by sticking within Canada and facilitating this mixed 4-pack out of @bellwoodsbeer. They've been able to skip CBSA and get us the freshest Bellwoods IPAs other than travelling to Ontario (just a little impossible to do right now).


At 5-6 weeks from canning, you're able to get a better idea of what that beer tastes like if you had travelled to Ontario to drink it on draft.


Excited to see which breweries they bring in next and interested how well this holds up once CBSA get their hands on some cross-border options, but for now, welcoming this great opportunity to bring some new beers into BC."